Fixed Blade Survival Knives for Outdoors

We all ought to carry some form of self-defense tool. Whether it is something minimally dangerous like pepper spray, or something more terrifying like a pocket-knife, it is better to be safe than sorry. Often times, these things come in handy even if you are not in a hazardous situation. Similarly, when you are in the outdoor camping, trekking or hiking, you may come across a situation where you may have to cut a cable, scrape a piece of wood, etc. And for that reason, you need to have the right equipment, because your everyday self-defense knife will not do the job.

Designed specially to make your outdoor adventures safe, online stores offer a number of fixed blade survival knives. These come in handy when you may need to scrape your shoes to walk better or to cut logs of wood to start a campfire, etc. However, the best part about these fixed blade survival knives is that they will still be useful even when you return to your daily life. They can be used to cut silicon joints in the kitchen and bathrooms, manage cables, or cut through rubber, etc. Multi-purpose and long-lasting, the fixed blade survival knife is going to accompany you whether you are in the wilderness or within the comforts of your own home.

You can choose from knives with leather, or TPE rubber handles, with sharp blades that can be used for various purposes. The choice is yours to make, and to ensure you make the best one; you can scroll through the wide variety of these survival knives and get one that best fits your preference. Travel-friendly and easy to carry, these knives will serve their purpose fully and make your outdoor experience thoroughly enjoyable. Since the competition for outdoor products is high, businesses strive to keep their prices low, and for that, they are constantly coming up with innovative designs and production techniques to keep costs short. This ensures higher quality, faster production and therefore, quick deliveries. Besides that, customer services are a priority for such firms, and you may enquire about a product before buying it, and you will be assisted both, before and after you make a purchase. Keeping all this in mind, make sure you have the right fixed blade survival knife for your next trip to the woods or mountains!

Kershaw Multi Tool

Hardware tools are an essential part of everyday life. Having a hardware tool box in a home is as vital as having a first aid box. It is hard to survive without either of them. From kitchen to bathroom, from rooftop to garage, every part of the house needs a fix now and then. That is when hardware tools come in handy. While some people have the luxury of a separate store room, some can barely have a room for themselves. With such a tiny space, it is difficult to keep a hardware tool box that contains everything but takes a lot of space. In such scenarios, a multi tool can be a life saver. Kershaw multi tool is one of those tools, specially designed with an “all in one” approach.

So what exactly is a Kershaw multi tool? It is a pair of vice grips that contain multiple other tools such as a filer, screw driver, blade, bottle opener, and a knife blade, etc. inside. It comes with a release lever that allows the user to release the tool of his choice and a locking hook locks the tool to be used and the other tools in place. It is made of stainless steel that can avoid rust for a long time and hence deter the tools from jamming with rust. The tools are unlike any other multi tool sets that are unable to bear much abuse. While it might be a bit heavy compared to other vice grips, but when compared to carrying a box with the same tools individually; this tool is definitely a win-win. It not only weighs less but occupies lesser space. Once you get the hang of how to use this tool, it would be a time saver too.

It can be kept in the car at all times or carried along on a long journey or a camping/hiking trip. It can easily be carried in a backpack. This tool is an electrician’s best friend. Even for those individuals who like to fix the smallest of things in their homes without relying on an electrician or plumber, this all in one multi tool can be a great help. Who doesn’t like a little package that contains everything that you can possibly need for a bit of fixing and overhaul? A good assortment of the tool, carefully put together in one piece can definitely be a blessing.

My Pipe Hawk Tomahawk Gives Me Effortless Performance

A good tomahawk is a nice tool to have for cutting jobs and for self-protection as well. I like to have a good tomahawk handy so that I can do a variety of chopping jobs and other kinds of jobs. The tomahawk can be used as a hammer or as an ax. The light design of the tomahawk is nice and it still gets the job done well.

I have been using the tomahawk for chopping wood at home and at the campsite and it is a great tool to have with me. I always have it with me when doing some camping and it has never let me down when in the great outdoors. The tomahawk is lighter than an ax and it still performs just as well. The tomahawk is very valuable overall.

I feel naked without my Pipe Hawk tomahawk when out camping. It has sleek lines and the look that I love and it has all the strength that I need as well. It can drive nails and chop up all kinds of things. I like the versatility of it and that I can use it to enhance my outdoor adventures. The tomahawk is easy to work with and a great find.

I Must Say, My Swedish FireKnife Is Fun To Show Off!

There are some awesome outdoor tools that I just fall in love with and I always love to get more of them. One of these tools is my Swedish FireKnife. This has been a really cool find. It never crossed my mind before that you can get a knife that is both a fire starter and a knife, all in one. I love the new FireKnife and it is fun to show it off.

People are curious about the FireKnife and they think that it is an awesome tool to have when they find out what it does. I have loved showing this knife off to my brother. He has tons of outdoor expertise and even he doesn’t have a knife as cool as this one. The FireKnife can light campfires, stoves, and barbecues with the fire starting feature.

Now that I have the Swedish FireKnife, I have been enjoying using it all the time. The fire starter feature of the knife just twist-locks into the handle of the knife and I can just whip it out when I need to start a fire. The blade of the knife is flexible and sturdy and a great blade to have on-hand. The other great thing about the fire starter feature of the knife is that it works well in wet conditions and high altitudes. I know that this cool knife will never let me down!

Tackling New Adventures With My Schrade Tough Tool In Hand

The summer is here and I am so ready for the sparkling water and for the mountains and all of the adventures that lie ahead. Getting ready for some hikes and camping trips and the like has been top priority for me. I am excited about finding some new trails and some awesome majestic views. I have been finally getting those outdoor must-haves that I was needing for a long time.

One of my must-haves for the outdoors is a good multi-tool and I finally found one online that I am very excited to use. This tool will be great for ensuring some awesome adventures. The tool is the versatile companion that I was hoping to have for getting out into the wilderness. It is a compact tool with ten tools in one.

With my Schrade Tough tool in hand, I am ready for getting away from the city and into the wilderness. The tool features pliers, a wire cutter, a bottle opener, and other useful tools. I will be able to use it for my outdoor meals, for setting up the campsite, fixing things on-the-fly, and other important uses. The multi-tool is something I will always be carrying with me.