Feeling Like A True Outdoor Enthusiast With My Snugpak Rocket Pack!

Getting new outdoor gear is always exciting and I love the scent of the fresh fabric of a new outdoor bag or the feel of a shiny new trekking stick. It is always exciting to shop online and to find some great options for my next adventures. I am not actually that experienced when it comes to hiking and backpacking, but I am definitely getting there!

Now that I have a great new outdoor backpack, I feel ready and like a true outdoorswoman! The one that I got is a Rocket Pack and it was recommended to me by my brother, who is hiking and backpacking all the time. The Rocket Pack feels great on my back and I can’t wait to have my first adventure of the summer with it.

The Snugpak Rocket Pack is a serious outdoor backpack and it will be perfect for doing several-day backpacking trips. It has many nice features, like hydration system compatibility and two removeable side pockets. The backpack has a great air system to keep me comfortable and cool and it also has shoulder pads and protection for my back. That was one of the biggest things I was worrying about – my back getting sore hiking with the backpack. I know that won’t be a problem with my Snugpak.