Kershaw Multi Tool

Hardware tools are an essential part of everyday life. Having a hardware tool box in a home is as vital as having a first aid box. It is hard to survive without either of them. From kitchen to bathroom, from rooftop to garage, every part of the house needs a fix now and then. That is when hardware tools come in handy. While some people have the luxury of a separate store room, some can barely have a room for themselves. With such a tiny space, it is difficult to keep a hardware tool box that contains everything but takes a lot of space. In such scenarios, a multi tool can be a life saver. Kershaw multi tool is one of those tools, specially designed with an “all in one” approach.

So what exactly is a Kershaw multi tool? It is a pair of vice grips that contain multiple other tools such as a filer, screw driver, blade, bottle opener, and a knife blade, etc. inside. It comes with a release lever that allows the user to release the tool of his choice and a locking hook locks the tool to be used and the other tools in place. It is made of stainless steel that can avoid rust for a long time and hence deter the tools from jamming with rust. The tools are unlike any other multi tool sets that are unable to bear much abuse. While it might be a bit heavy compared to other vice grips, but when compared to carrying a box with the same tools individually; this tool is definitely a win-win. It not only weighs less but occupies lesser space. Once you get the hang of how to use this tool, it would be a time saver too.

It can be kept in the car at all times or carried along on a long journey or a camping/hiking trip. It can easily be carried in a backpack. This tool is an electrician’s best friend. Even for those individuals who like to fix the smallest of things in their homes without relying on an electrician or plumber, this all in one multi tool can be a great help. Who doesn’t like a little package that contains everything that you can possibly need for a bit of fixing and overhaul? A good assortment of the tool, carefully put together in one piece can definitely be a blessing.